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Seller’s Guide

Are you ready to sell your house in Solano, Napa, or Contra Costa County? Use these essential tips for a smooth and home selling experience:

How to choose a local listing agent

Hire a listing agent who will represent your best interests as a home seller. They will provide you with crucial assistance and insights in pricing, marketing, and negotiating toward the best deal for your home.

When interviewing potential agents, inquire about their real estate experience – from the number of homes they sold, to the biggest challenges they have faced in trying to sell a property.

Be sure that the agent is familiar with the local area, as well. Insider knowledge on what local buyers want and an in-depth understanding of local market trends are advantages you can use to zero in on the best deal you can get for your property. Trusted and well-known local Realtors also have a huge network of fellow real estate professionals, inspectors, and other crucial service providers you can use to prepare and market your home.

How to prepare your home for sale

You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so make it count. Whether online or in person, be sure that the first time buyers see your home is enough to make them want to know more about it.

Start by decluttering and removing personal belongings from your living spaces and around the property. Move your decorations and other personal collections to storage. Sell, donate, or dispose of other unnecessary items. Having a clean and depersonalized house gives buyers a clean slate that helps them envision their future lives there.

Maximize the home’s curb appeal so you can impress visiting buyers even before they take one step inside your house. Make sure that the windows, roof, gutters, exterior walls, and even driveways are clean and free of cracks or other noticeable damage.

Hire a professional stager to highlight the best features and angles of your home. This will help improve your home’s chances of standing out from the competition, attracting quick, high-value offers. A professional photographer is the perfect complement to a beautifully staged home.

How to determine the right asking price

The best way to price your property and determine the value of your home is to research and compare the prices for similar properties in your neighborhood. Consider the location, square footage, layout, bedroom and bathroom count, and condition when defining what “similar properties” are. Work with your agent to gain the latest and most accurate data available for your needs.

Review the prices of homes sold within the last three months. Check out withdrawn and expired listings, too. By analyzing why these properties didn’t sell, you gain useful insights on what to do and what to avoid for your selling efforts.

These comps will also come in handy when your home gets professionally appraised.

If your home is priced right, you have greater chances to attract multiple offers. Avoid the mistake of overpricing your home because of your emotional attachment. You can lose buyer interest in the process – and even be forced to drop your price to well below the home’s actual value.

How to create the right marketing strategy

With the help of your agent, plan an effective marketing strategy that will maximize exposure for your home and attract attention from serious buyers.

Marketing your home can begin with traditional means, like magazine and newspaper ads, flyers, or staging an open house. But remember to take advantage of modern technology and social media, as well. Popular and accessible platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can stretch out your reach to a wider audience of buyers.

How to evaluate offers

Once you begin receiving offers on your home, exercise restraint and patience so you can review each one carefully and in full detail.

Remember that the fastest and biggest offers are not necessarily the best ones. Consult your agent about specific provisions and contingencies that can determine which offer is most advantageous for you. Consider the buyer’s financial security, schedule flexibility, and any other additional requests. If you need to negotiate toward a mutually agreeable deal, make sure that you and your agent are on the same page regarding your selling goals.

If you find yourself in a competitive, multiple-offer situation, give buyers a timeline to create a sense of urgency. This is an effective way to filter out the most serious buyers, while also seeking out the best offer packages they can afford.

What to expect during escrow

The seller’s main role during the escrow process is to keep your home available for inspections and appraisals. You must also cooperate to meet all contingencies, from addressing any repairs identified in the inspection to securing copies of your home remodeling permits.

If necessary, use this period to prepare for your own relocation, as well.

Sell your home today

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